If you believe you’ve been wrongly convicted of a crime in Michigan, you’re entitled to appeal your case to a higher court after final judgment or another legal ruling. It is essential to work with a Michigan appeals attorney who understands the nuances of filing the notice of an appeal and requesting transcripts and other records for the trial court.

Kirsch Daskas Law Group criminal appeals attorneys have the education and years of experience to provide their clients with expert counseling, research, and representation in an appeals case. We are dedicated to combing through your original case with great detail, focusing your strongest claims, and crafting the most succinct and effective brief for the appellate court.

Kirsch Daskas handles the following appeals cases in Michigan:

Child Abuse Appeals

Being wrongly convicted of child abuse can be devastating, and it may seem like there is no hope to overturn a conviction of this type. Wrongful convictions usually come from ineffective assistance of counsel or legal errors on the part of the attorney or the court. If you believe any of these have occurred in your case, you and your Michigan criminal appeals attorney likely have the right to file an appeal.

Our highly experienced appellate attorneys at Kirsch Leach + Associates know the intricacies of the law that can help you file an appeal and correct these errors. We bring a fresh perspective to your case, which will strengthen your appeal to return fairness and justice.

Date Rape Appeals

After your conviction for date rape, it is essential to hire a new, highly experienced Michigan appellate attorney to advocate on your behalf. Appellate court cases are often complex. Our level of expertise in date rape appeals in Michigan allows for the best possible representation and identification of possible errors from your previous trial.

We will file your appeal after reviewing the original date rape trial to determine if your rights were violated and your defense was adequate. In addition, we can also lodge a petition to expunge a criminal conviction and draft motions to reduce jail, prison sentencing or relief from judgment.

Rape Appeals

After your case for rape has ended, you may have grounds to an appeal that allows you to take back your life. You may be eligible for an appeal if your trial involved legal errors, such as ineffective counsel, prosecutorial misconduct, exculpatory evidence that was ignored or overlooked, and motions that could have been improperly denied.

Sexual and Molestation Appeals

If you’ve been wrongfully convicted of sexual assault or molestation, the attorneys at Kirsch Leach + Associates are fierce advocates on your side. While the appeals for these cases are often more complex than the original case, with strict and intricate rules and time limits for filing appeals, our hardworking and dedicated lawyers will put in the long hours to examine your case and recommend an appeal when necessary.


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