High school student hospitalized after bus bullying incident

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On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Nov 27, 2019 | Education law |

A boy at Lincoln High School near Detroit was hospitalized after another classmate reportedly attacked him.

According to a recent report, the boy was punched by another student while riding the bus. Allegedly, the bus driver continued along the route and made no immediate attempt to stop the altercation. However, the school district’s Superintendent has disputed these claims, saying they promptly notified authorities.

The parent’s attorney has said that bullying is a prevalent issue at the alleged victim’s school. Moreover, the district has not said how the person that assaulted the boy will be punished.

The signs aren’t always clear

As the boy’s injuries were critical, the wounds others receive from bullying may not be as visible. In some cases, children may not even tell their parents they are being picked on, as they may feel ashamed or even embarrassed. These are some red flags parents may want watch for in their children:

  • They are unwilling to go to school: Some children may not be the most enthused to go back to school in the fall. However, if they are three months in and they are repeatedly feeling sick and showing a low level of demeanor, that may be a cause for concern.
  • They display infrequent sleep patterns: In today’s digital age, bullying can happen around the clock, even when the kids aren’t on the playground. As more of them are starting to use various social media platforms, bullies can continually engage their victims online. When this happens, it can negatively affect a child’s sleep patterns as they often can’t escape the constant harassment.
  • They say they have no friends: It’s often normal for younger kids to switch best friends from time-to-time. However, if the child starts saying things like they don’t have any friends, this could be a red flag. In many cases, bullies may attempt to isolate their victims, keeping them out of the loop from various activities.
  • They have cuts and bruises: This may be the most obvious sign. In some cases, the child may not even explain how they got them. If parents find out their child was assaulted by others at school, it may be time for parents to take action.

Anti-bullying policies don’t always do justice

As information continues to unravel about the Lincoln High School bullying case, public school systems don’t always provide victims and their families with the support they need. Even if schools take a public stance against bullying and attempt to initiate policies, it’s not always enough to make it stop.

If children are being bullied and their school isn’t stepping in, parents may want to seek legal counsel. A dedicated and aggressive attorney can help evaluate the evidence in their case and help children get the justice they deserve.