Surprising ways one could face sex offender charges

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Surprising ways one could face sex offender charges

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Nov 20, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Registering as a sex offender can be hard for some to imagine, especially if they weren’t found guilty of rape or child molestation. But there are some instances where an individual may face charges.

Sadly, such allegations can humiliate those accused of them and potentially destroy their reputation, regardless if they were found guilty or not.

Ways one could be charged as a sex offender

These actions could land someone on a sex offender registry:

  • Urinating in a public space: Here in Michigan, it’s against the law to urinate in public. While there are situations where bathrooms are scarce, doing so can still lead to indecent exposure charges.
  • Engaging in prostitution: It’s illegal in most states to buy or sell sexual favors from another person. Michigan residents can face severe penalties for such actions, depending on the nature of the sexual act and one’s prior criminal history. If those charged are found guilty, they can face serious consequences.
  • Taking naked photos of one’s self if they are a minor: Minors who send sexually explicit images or videos of themselves to other minors may have to register as child pornographers. If they take naked photos of themselves and send them across state lines, they could be subject to federal penalties.

Accusations can be life-ruining

Those found guilty of sex crimes in Michigan can face severe legal consequences. Those accused of such heinous acts can’t afford to plead guilty, as they could face a lifetime of embarrassment and limited opportunities. In these instances, the accused will want to seek legal counsel. A well-practiced attorney can aggressively defend their client in court and protect their reputation.