Domestic violence is serious for all members of the family

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Domestic violence is serious for all members of the family

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Apr 22, 2020 | Criminal Defense 

Unfortunately, many Michigan families experience domestic violence issues. Sometimes, the violence is real and is extremely harmful to everyone in the family, even those not suffering from abuse. Other times, the allegations of domestic violence may be fabricated.

Like others, you may be surprised to learn that a family law attorney can play an important role when violence or accusations of violence affect families.

In our Bloomfield Hills law firm, we have guided many families in their efforts to resolve domestic violence issues. As such, we have learned that most families truly want to stay together in these cases. Family law attorneys do everything possible to help people preserve their family.

Often, we do this is by directing both victims and abusers toward effective counseling. Like other lawyers, we have created a large network of professionals who can help families in need of counseling or therapy.

When staying together is not possible, we assist in finding safe solutions such as divorce or separation. We advocate for victims of violence and children living in violent family units. Lawyers can also help victims of domestic violence gain protective orders to keep them safe.

Another important role an attorney fills involves helping families facing domestic abuse or violence create child custody and visitation plans. Sound guidance is necessary in cases when the safety of a family’s children might be at risk.

Our attorneys want families to know that it is certainly possible to find a solution when violence harms you or your loved ones. Please, consider reaching out for assistance if you are a victim of violence or an offender who wants to find help. You can learn more about the issues that affect Michigan families by continuing to study our website.