Anyone can falsely accuse you of child abuse

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Anyone can falsely accuse you of child abuse

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Jun 29, 2020 | Sexual assault |

Anyone can accuse you of abusing your child, and they do not even have to give their name to do so. Just how easy it is was to make false allegations, was highlighted by a case two years ago against a prominent Black Lives Matter protester. When a high-profile politician became involved, the case made the news: Most never do.

Toll-free numbers, where you can make an anonymous report, have saved many people from abuse. However, they also make it far too easy for people to use false allegations to attack other individuals.

When someone rings in a report of child abuse, if the alleged victim is under 18, and the alleged actions violate child protection laws, the hotline passes it to the Children’s Protective Services. They have 24 hours to begin their investigation and have 30 days to complete it. 

So, within a day or so of a false accuser calling the hotline, a storm will hit your world. You can find child protective services trying to talk to your kids without you there. They can interview neighbors, teachers, friends, relatives and you. Imagine it: Suddenly, your whole world knows someone has accused you of molesting your child.

You could find doctors authorized to examine your child. Within days, the authorities could take your child away from you and place them in care, without any chance to defend yourself.

If someone falsely accuses you of abusing your child, you do not have a second to waste. Seek urgent legal help.