What can I do, and what challenges will I face if someone accuses me of cyberstalking?

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What can I do, and what challenges will I face if someone accuses me of cyberstalking?

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Aug 4, 2020 | Criminal Defense 

As technology evolves, crimes evolve with it. Cyberstalking is a type of harassment involving repeated, unwanted electronic communication that is considered to be harmful towards the recipient. This form of stalking is often used to terrorize, demean, and cause emotional or psychological stress to a person. Cyberstalking can occur as an attempt to reclaim control over a relationship, or can occur as a result of an obsession or unhealthy infatuation.

Examples of cyberstalking may include repeated unwanted messages, threats to one’s reputation or physical well-being, the exposing of private information, or even catfishing.

Are you accused of perpetrating any of these things? Has someone you care about accused you of harassment and cyberstalking?

If accused, there are options for you. You must seek legal advice immediately on how to confront and address the allegations. If proven, cyberstalking is punishable under law. If convicted, you can face a large fine or a prison sentence, or both. Beyond the court system, allegations of cyberstalking can be extremely damaging to your reputation and future.

Remember, an accusation is not equal to a conviction. Regardless of your guilt, you are still entitled to a competent defense. Our experienced, battle-tested team at Kirsch Daskas Law Group PLLC is perfectly equipped to inform you accordingly and protect your future. Contact KDLG to learn more about how to shield yourself and your livelihood.