What happens when someone I care about accuses me of economic abuse?

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What happens when someone I care about accuses me of economic abuse?

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Aug 5, 2020 | Criminal Defense 

Though economic abuse does not create physical scars on one’s body, it can leave a physical bruise on one’s bank account, credit score, or employment record. Economic abuse occurs when a person establishes financial dependence in a relationship to control the other party. Economic abuse can take place in any relationship involving power, trust, and sharing of funds or other financial assets.

If someone you love and care about accuses you of abusing them through withholding funds, intentionally denying them an education or job, stealing their possessions, or ruining their credit score, you must seek legal advice immediately. Accusations of economic abuse are serious, and are punishable under law. If convicted, you can face jail or prison time, a fine, or community service depending on the severity of the charges against you and whether the offenses are repeated or not.

Despite the veracity of the allegations, it is crucial that you take action to defend yourself. The weaponization of false allegations is abhorrent and dilutes the experiences of real abuse survivors.

Regardless of your guilt, you still have the right to defend yourself. If you have been accused of economic abuse or believe you may be in the future, Kirsch Daskas Law Group is happy to offer you their innovative legal expertise. Contact KDLG to seek legal counsel immediately and fight for your future.

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