What happens when someone I love wrongfully accuses me of psychological abuse?

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What happens when someone I love wrongfully accuses me of psychological abuse?

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Aug 4, 2020 | Criminal Defense 

When someone accuses you of abuse, they do not need visible scars to prove it. Psychological abuse is a type of non-physical abuse involving threats, stalking, humiliation, controlling behavior and other demeaning acts. Psychological abuse is often used to coerce and manipulate a person into doing certain things or to convince them to stay in a relationship. Psychological abuse can occur in all types of relationships involving trust and power.

Are you accused of doing any of these things? Are you being accused of psychologically abusing and harming someone you care about?

If accused, it is imperative that you seek advice promptly on how to confront the allegations.

If allegations are proven, psychological abuse is punishable under law. If convicted, you can face jail time or a hefty fine, among other intangible consequences such as a blemished reputation and a damaged future.

Though it may be upsetting to think about, there are people who weaponize allegations of abuse in order to achieve personal gain or smear another’s reputation. If you believe someone may be doing this to you, you must act immediately. Regardless of your guilt, you have the right to protect and inform yourself. Kirsch Daskas Law Group PLLC will stand by you, fight for you, and defend your reputation. Contact KDLG to seek legal expertise on how to shield yourself and your future.