What is economic abuse, and how do I know if it’s happening to me?

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What is economic abuse, and how do I know if it’s happening to me?

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Aug 3, 2020 | Family Law 

Has your partner ever stolen money from you, or denied access to your bank account? Has your partner ever prevented you from getting a job, or earning your own money?

These mentioned actions are not frugal measures or efforts to be a supportive partner. They belong to their own category of domestic violence known as economic abuse. Economic abuse occurs when a person establishes financial dependence in a relationship to control the other party. As a result of this financial dependence, a person may be fearful to leave a relationship due to potential poverty or homelessness.

Although commonly glazed over in discussions about domestic violence and abuse, economic abuse is extremely common. Between 94-99% of domestic abuse victims have also experienced economic abuse at the hands of their abusers (NCADV). Economic abuse can also negatively affect the victim’s employment. According to a survey conducted by the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence, 64% of domestic violence victims expressed that their abuse negatively impacted their ability to work (NCADV).

If you have been economically abused by someone and are fearful of exiting the relationship due to financial concerns, Kirsch Daskas Law Group is happy to discuss options such as personal protection, divorce, reporting the abuser, counseling referrals, financial service referrals, and other safety measures. If you feel your finances and employment have been purposely taken advantage of or damaged as a result of manipulation and abuse, contact KDLG to defend yourself, your finances, and your future.