Legalization of marijuana in Michigan could put you at risk of federal charges

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Legalization of marijuana in Michigan could put you at risk of federal charges

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Dec 9, 2020 | Federal Crimes 

When voters in Michigan decided to legalize first medical and then recreational marijuana, they did so in part to end the arrest and incarceration of marijuana users. However, state-level legalization does not give you a free pass to do whatever you want with marijuana.

Feeling overconfident about your rights might lead you to make some very significant mistakes that could potentially lead to federal drug charges. What kinds of situations might lead to federal criminal charges for a Michigan marijuana user?

Don’t get caught with marijuana on federal land

There are incredible parks and open spaces across Michigan for you to enjoy. Before you roll a joint and take it with you for your next hike, make sure that the park you intend to visit is municipal or state-owned. If you get caught with cannabis on federal lands, such as national parks, the consequences could include criminal charges even if you weren’t in violation of Michigan laws.

Don’t try to take marijuana out of Michigan

Whether you want to plan a road trip to Chicago or cross the border in to Canada, enjoying a little marijuana on your vacation may sound like fun. You may see no problem with packing your own supply if marijuana is also legal at your destination.

However, crossing state or national borders with marijuana in your possession, even if you are going to and from places where it’s legal, could constitute a federal offense if you get caught. Legalization did not end the prosecution of individuals for marijuana but simply reduced the number of people who are charged.

If you are in legal trouble for possession, use or sale of marijuana, you may need to talk with a lawyer about your situation.