Explore your defense options when arrested for domestic violence

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Explore your defense options when arrested for domestic violence

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Jul 9, 2021 | Criminal Defense 

Not all domestic violence allegations lead to arrest. When they do, defendants risk much if the charges result in a conviction. Much of the local focus on domestic violence involves Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, victims. However, there are times when the person accused of such violence is the victim and needs help finding true justice.

Everyone facing criminal charges has the right to an adequate defense, even those arrested for domestic violence. What you do in the immediate aftermath of your arrest can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

What are your defense options?

Each domestic violence case is unique. Building an effective defense depends upon the details of what allegedly occurred. However, many defendants have found success using one of the three defense options below.

  1. No proof. Prosecutors have the burden of proving a crime occurred. When they have little or no proof of the crime, it is possible to avoid conviction.
  2. Self-defense. If you can produce evidence (bruises, other marks or witness statements) showing that you were in imminent danger or believed you were, this defense may be successful.
  3. False accusations. Unfortunately, some people accuse their significant others of domestic violence to punish them or get revenge. If you can prove this happened, you may emerge from your ordeal relatively unscathed.

Do not give up on your fight for justice in the wake of an arrest for domestic violence. Instead, consider taking a proactive approach by learning as much as possible about domestic violence law in Michigan. Doing so may open up defense options you had not considered before seeking to increase your education.