Justice Lawyer League will provide help to abuse survivors

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Justice Lawyer League will provide help to abuse survivors

On Behalf of Kirsch Daskas Law Group | Dec 13, 2021 | Firm News 

The Justice Lawyer League may sound like a group of superheroes, but their mission is to provide affordable legal assistance with Child Protective Services (CPS) and complex custody cases while also offering a safe, calm place for parents to bring children and pets when they need to leave an abusive household.

Lisa Kirsch Satawa and Theresa Jenkins of the Kirsch Daskas Law Group are heading up this new nonprofit law group while continuing to represent their own clients. They plan to bring in other area attorneys to round out their Justice Lawyer League. They’re hoping to attract attorneys who are willing to do pro bono or reduced rate work in exchange for getting client referrals for matters that are within their own practice areas.

Historic home being renovated

Right now, a big part of their focus is on restoring a home in Brighton that will be the League’s headquarters. Part of that renovation will involve making the property accessible to those with disabilities. They will also be partnering with the LACASA Center, which is located in Howell, to get people emergency housing when they can’t safely return home.

The renovated historic home will have a special area for children where they can “just check out and be a kid” while more long-term arrangements are made for them, as well as an area for teens. It will also have room for pets – no matter how large.

Pets are welcome

Pets are too often used as pawns by abusers who control their victims by threatening or harming the animals. Many victims won’t leave their abusers because they don’t want to leave their beloved animal companions with that abuser. As Ms. Jenkins says, “You should not have to leave your pets behind.”

The attorneys are working to get donations of clothes, toys, video games and other goods from local churches and non-profits as well as donations from anyone who can contribute. Anyone who wants to donate their time, talents, money or goods to the Justice Lawyer League should contact Ms. Kirch or Ms. Jenkins at info@kdlawgroup.com.