Child Abuse Crimes

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There is nothing more terrible than being accused of injuring a child, especially your own. These allegations can be overwhelming because they are often made in multiple forums at the same time. In situations where there is a criminal investigation, criminal charges, a child protective services investigation, termination of parental rights or child protection proceeding, parents seeking custody or a suspension of parenting time — the allegations become terrifying, confusing and surreal. These are the situations Kirsch Daskas Law Group has mastered.

Child abuse cases are taken extremely seriously by the courts and often result in stigmas against you and your family. It is vital to contact a criminal defense attorney from Kirsch Daskas Law Group who has years of experience with child abuse cases. Our experienced Michigan criminal defense attorneys will thoroughly investigate the accuser’s history and background to determine the validity of these allegations. Additionally, our lawyers will apply current research and legal principles to formulate the best strategy for your defense.

Lisa Kirsch Satawa can navigate this scenario efficiently and effectively. Using a multidisciplinary approach to these cases, she will look at genetics, metabolic bone disease, cognitive development, suggestibility of children, linguistics, impact of therapy or statements of trusting adults on a child’s memory and more. Lisa works with the top experts around the country to create the best defense to confront these serious allegations.

Child abuse is an umbrella term for any number of crimes committed against a child, including:

  • Sex crimes against a child
  • Child custody interference
  • Child molestation
  • Child kidnapping
  • Underage labor
  • Child neglect
  • Exposure to controlled substances

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Understanding False Allegations

False allegations of child abuse commonly come from either an adult, intentionally or unintentionally, influencing children to incriminate another, children creating stories to retaliate against an adult, or a misinterpretation of conduct. Particularly in divorce situations, one parent may coach their children to make false allegations against the other parent to receive retributions or full custody. Even though you know that you are not guilty, do not make the mistake of hesitating to hire a dedicated criminal defense lawyer who will fiercely defend your rights and investigate to discover and prove the truth.

Potential Consequences Of Child Abuse And Neglect Charges

Allegations of child abuse or neglect stem from various scenarios. It is typical for this process to begin when a child is presented at a doctor’s office or emergency room with an injury without an explanation, or makes a statement to a teacher that is misconstrued. The report to children’s protective services begins the process when a mandatory reporter or other individual suspects abuse or neglect.

After an investigation, parents can be placed on the Department of Health and Human Services Central Abuse registries. A person is notified by a certified letter and has 180 days to respond/object to being identified as a perpetrator of abuse. Being on the Central Abuse Registry may preclude a parent from volunteering in a classroom, coaching or going on field trips with his/her children.

Lisa Kirsch Satawa is uniquely qualified to Petition for Expungement from this registry. She is a former trainer at DHHS and is familiar with policy and investigative requirements. Ms. Kirsch Satawa has successfully litigated in the administrative tribunal to have her clients removed from the registry.

Other consequences of child abuse and neglect allegations range from having a safety plan in place to termination of parental rights. After an investigation begins, there will be a team decision-making meeting (TDM) or family team meeting (FTM). These are essentially the same but different counties call them different things. At the meeting, the team will discuss the family’s strengths and weaknesses and the allegations. Substantial risk of harm, parenting time and placement will be communicated to the parents. Risk is categorized based on individual facts and circumstances in a home. For example, a family with more children is at a higher risk than a family with one child. A child who is immobile and has an unexplained injury is at a higher risk than a child who lives in a filthy home environment. After these factors are discussed the agency will decide to maintain a safety plan or proceed to court.

These proceedings occur in the juvenile section of the family division of the circuit court in the county where the child resides. A temporary custody petition is usually filed in cases without severe injury or the death of a child. Temporary custody means the agency is seeking the court to take jurisdiction/power over your family temporarily to rectify the conditions that led to protective services’ involvement in the first place. If a child has a severe injury or dies, a petition for termination of parental rights/permanent custody must be filed by the agency. The law does not give them discretion in this instance. Without a proper defense, parents can lose their children based on incomplete or misinterpreted medical treatment, insufficient investigation or many other factors. Lisa Kirsch Satawa has been defending parents falsely accused of harming their children for over 20 years. Call our office now for a consultation at our office or contact our firm online.

Wrongful Accusations Of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is caused by shaking a child or baby to the point where serious lifelong injuries and complications occur. In some cases, parents or guardians can be wrongfully accused of causing SBS because they are present at the time the child starts showing symptoms or becomes frail and non-responsive.

In addition, parents or guardians can be wrongly accused of SBS that was caused by normal accidents or falls by the child or infant. Kirsch Daskas Law Group is committed to defending those parents and guardians wrongly accused of child abuse related to shaken baby syndrome with the assistance of radiologists, ophthalmologists and engineers.

Handling CPS And Termination Of Parental Rights

You come home and there is a business card from child protective services stuck in the door. Complete panic overwhelms you. Your precious babies are at risk. Parents go from zero to five thousand in less than a second. It is stressful and a nightmare. Often no one will provide you with information, and everyone just wants to ask you questions. You are being accused but do not feel like you are presumed innocent.

Do not go through this alone. Lisa Kirsch Satawa has been representing parents and children in investigations and cases involving protective services for over 20 years. She has successfully litigated and kept families together when the allegations are physical abuse, sexual abuse, educational neglect, medical abuse, Munchausen, non-intentional inflicted head trauma, burns, etc. She uses a multidisciplinary approach where she brings together a team of experts in related fields to create the best strategy to protect your family and your children. These cases have complex emotional issues that require an attorney who will listen to your concerns and fight to achieve your goals.

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The lawyers of Kirsch Daskas Law Group specialize in cases involving children. We diligently defend all kinds of child abuse cases, sexual abuse cases and physical abuse cases. We can confidently defend your rights and help your situation whether it’s criminal, a child protection proceeding or amid a custody battle. Call our office to schedule a consultation with our legal team. You may also contact our firm online.