Wrongly Accused of Child Abuse?

Fierce Defense Against False Child Abuse Allegations

Protect your parental status, reputation, and freedom from false allegations of child abuse. Trust the experienced team at Kirsch Daskas Law Group.

A false allegation of child abuse is an affront to your parental status, reputation and freedom, and must be met with an aggressive response.

At Kirsch Daskas Law Group, we have the experience and resources to meet this false allegation with the fervor it requires. We believe in our clients and work tirelessly to protect their rights and fight back.

We handle a broad range of criminal defense, Child Protective Services (CPS), and family law matters for clients in Bloomfield Hills and throughout Michigan.

Why Were You Accused?

A false allegation of child abuse can arise from a number of circumstances.

  • In some cases, a mandatory reporter such as teacher or pediatrician may notice injuries that he or she believes are consistent with abuse. By reporting those injuries to authorities, they are kicking off an intensive legal investigation that will affect everyone involved, even though the injuries could have a host of innocuous origins.
  • Sadly, it is not unheard of for a person involved in a divorce or child custody dispute to level false accusations to gain a legal advantage.
  • Sometimes, children themselves will level false accusations to strike out in anger at a parent.

Whatever the nature of the false allegation against you, it is important to get legal help at the earliest sign of trouble. The steps you take in the immediate wake of an accusation will have a significant impact on your legal prospects and could prevent the removal of your child by the CPS.

We are here to make sure you take the right steps. Talk to your own attorney before making any statements that could hurt you. It is very easy for a perfectly innocent person to say the wrong thing to an investigator who is trained to trip up suspects.

Protecting You On All Fronts

A false allegation of child abuse exposes you to legal peril on at least three fronts — family law issues such as custody and visitation, charges within the criminal justice system and CPS investigations that could result in the removal of your child.

Kirsch Daskas Law Group was built specifically to fight for you in custody and visitation cases, false child abuse allegations or CPS investigations.

Talk With A Lawyer Who Believes In You

Sadly, the court of public opinion often renders a guilty verdict before any evidence has been presented. Rest assured, you are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of law. 

We believe in our clients and are here to stand by your side during this crisis. To arrange a consultation with an experienced defense lawyer in Bloomfield Hills, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 248-792-3060.