Minor In Possession Charges

Thorough Defense For Minor In Possession Charges

Learn the consequences of minor possession charges and why pleading guilty at the arraignment may not be your best option. Trust our expert legal team to guide you through the process.

One of the most common mistakes a minor can make when charged with minor in possession (MIP) is to plead guilty at the arraignment, operating under the notion that it would be easier and quicker to do so. While it may seem like it is easy to plead guilty and pay the fines, this irreversible mistake can have damaging consequences for a child’s future. The attorneys at Kirsch Daskas Law Group are well-versed in Michigan’s MIP laws and will navigate through the case.

Hiring a highly experienced attorney can make the difference between a criminal record and a dismissal of charges. Call our Bloomfield Hills office at our office to discuss your child’s charges with our skilled juvenile defense lawyers today.

Potential Penalties For Minor In Possession Charges

For first-time offenders, Michigan statutes provide for a first-time offender’s diversion program and a dismissal of the MIP charges. However, minors who have been convicted of MIP more than once can receive jail time if they failed to complete treatment, counseling, probation, community service or payment of fines. The penalties for first-time offenders can include:

  • Community service
  • Alcohol screening
  • Alcohol treatment and rehabilitation

Know How To Protect Your Best Interests

It is easy to incriminate yourself with MIP charges. To strengthen your case, it is important to exercise your right to remain silent and to know your rights regarding preliminary breath tests and search and seizures.

You can never be forced to perform a preliminary breath test because warrant or clear consent must be given to authorities beforehand. You also have the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizures, so police cannot stop you on the street to question you without reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. Kirsch Daskas Law Group attorneys have studied these and many other intricacies of MIP laws to ensure that you will have the best defense to protect your future.

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