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Kirsch Daskas Law Group is a full-service firm that zealously guides Michigan residents through pressing legal concerns. We understand that this may be one of the most difficult times of your life. We will partner with you through each stage of your case, ensuring that you have the information you need to confidently make important decisions.


There is nothing more terrible than being accused of injuring a child. These allegations can be overwhelming. In situations where there is a criminal investigation or criminal charges the accused needs a lawyer to help ensure their side of the story is told.


Domestic violence charges in Michigan can have far greater consequences than you might think. In many domestic violence situations, somebody will call the police. Unfortunately, anytime the police are called, somebody is likely to get arrested.


Being accused of a sex crime alone alters a person’s life. The fear and damage to reputation and the relationship can be devastating. We understand our clients individually. Our commitment is to provide the best defense possible for you.

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A criminal charge can have a great impact on your life, but help is available.

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Lisa Kirsch is amazing. She is passionate about fighting for her clients and can take cases no one else can handle. It’s awful to be accused of a crime and Lisa’s firm understands how much it affects her clients and their families.


Kirsch Daskas Law Group is an amazing law firm! Service and professionalism are the 2 words I give them Lisa, the founding attorney is a wealth of information and her team were with me every step of my journey! Because sometimes you only get one call… you should call this team!


I refer clients all over the state of Michigan to Kirsch Daskas Law Group. Lisa is a national expert in defending difficult allegations of abuse and criminal behavior. I highly recommend Daskas Law Group.


Watch Lisa, Kirsch Daskas’s Principal Attorney, discuss child abuse accusations and a great win for parents

Aggressive Criminal Defense To Uphold Your Rights

When you have been accused of a crime, the stakes are high. Your professional future, reputation, and freedom may all be on the line. At Kirsch Daskas Law Group, we take our responsibility to defend your rights seriously.

We partner with clients to develop a strong defense, presenting the best case possible to the judge or jury. We believe our clients are good people who find themselves in bad situations. We know these charges don’t define you, and we are committed to your ultimate success.


The attorneys at Kirsch Daskas Law Group, are powerful advocates with the skill and experience to protect your rights and reach your goals. We are compassionate counselors and work hard to achieve long-term workable solutions that move you forward. Click here to get started with your consultation.*

Meet Your Criminal Defense Attorney At Kirsch Daskas Law Group

Lisa B. Kirsch Satawa Chief Criminal Litigator
Lisa B. Kirsch Satawa
Hannah Elizabeth Roberts - Family Law
Hannah E. Roberts

Kirsch Daskas Law Group is a boutique criminal defense and family law firm representing adults and juveniles across the state of Michigan. Our firm provides legal services with a multidisciplinary approach that not only alleviates stress during frightful times but also focuses on individual clients. We understand and protect what matters most: liberty, family, children, and education.


Our attorneys are respected for our strong trial skills. When negotiation fails to secure the results you need, we will advocate with relentless passion and tenacious energy to obtain results. Our team works with the top experts and investigators around the country. We will defend with a compelling story reflecting the truth.

Get A Criminal Defense Consultation Now!
A criminal charge can have a great impact on your life, but help is available.

Call Kirsch Daskas Law Group now at 248-487-1970 and let us begin building your defense.

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