Client Testimonials

“There are attorneys out there who talk big and do nothing, but Kirsch Daskas Law Group does so much more! They not only talk the talk, but they also walk the walk. You cannot go wrong with them. They are also MMMP friendly and, God knows good representation is necessary, so go with the best that has a proven track record.”
— Cyndi Huntley
“Steve Reina always intently listened to my needs or concerns and guided me through the process to achieve the results I wanted. He made the process simple and explained things clearly. He was always available to reach by phone or email. Apart from his knowledge, expertise, and availability, he demonstrated genuine care for my case. I’ve recommended him to a couple of friends, and they too had a very positive experience. I highly recommend Steve for your legal needs.”
— Elizabeth Curtis
“I’m very happy to have had Steve Reina as my attorney. He was very kind, helpful, and genuinely cares for his clients. I am very proud and happy with the outcome that Steve achieved for me. He would always answer the phone if I called or had any questions. I highly recommend that anybody retains Steve as your attorney if you have any legal matter taken care of.”
— Austin Schultz
“I had the pleasure of working with attorney Steve Reina in the past and I have nothing but great things to say about him. First off, I am a Paralegal/family legal advocate, so I am always on the look out for the good, the bad, and the greatest attorney’s in Michigan so I know who I can trust to refer to families in their most vulnerable time in their life. Attorney Steve Reina is one of the smartest attorney’s i have ever met. He is prepared for ever legal issue with several different arguments, he always makes time to update his clients at every step of the case, he always makes time for his clients concerns, he is a straight shooter with everyone, he makes sure he explains everything to you at every point on the case, and he always has the clients best interest at heart. So many judges seem to like him and he always notices when the prosecutor makes a legal error and he knows what legal argument he will use against them. Out of all the attorney’s I have ever met or worked with Steve Reina is by far my favorite attorney because I am about a fair and ethical justice system for all and he is as close as you can get to ethical. I will refer him time and time again.”
— Erika Chubb
“I feel very grateful for retaining Steve Reina for my lawyer. He has seen me through one of the hardest times in my life. I am not someone who is familiar with the court system and at first hiring a lawyer was very intimidating to me. The first time I sat down with Steve my nerves were at ease. I am a local 25 Ironworker by trade and take pride in the work that I do and that is what I seen most in Steve. He was very thorough through the whole process and never left me not understanding what was going on which would have been easy to do.”
— Dustin Kammerzell
“Wow! All I can say is Wow!!! Steve Reina and his team has made our experience one to never forget. The professionalism and dedication had a huge impact on resolving our case with the school district. Steve is very knowledgeable and walked us through every step of the way in a very easy to understand process. The biggest impact was how quick he was able to resolve our situation and for that I give him an A++ Thank you again for your dedication and hard work :)”
— Fernando Fernandez
“I’ve gotta tell you this has got to be one of the longest worst demons in the world that I’ve had to take on in my life, but with the power of Lisa Kirsch, Steven Reina and their team at Kirsch Daskas Law Group, not only my family but I will forever be so grateful for all of the effort and support they have given me, the outcome truly could have not of benefitted my whole family any better than it did. I now can continue to being a father knowing that they have protection over my family and for that reason I will now call them part of my family. They truly are our nights in shining armor, thank you very much Kirsch Daskas Law Group for being there when no one else could help me in this trying matter! Kirsch Daskas Law Group will forever be in our families hearts.”
— Steve B.
“Lisa and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about defending the wrongly accused to restore their lives to normalcy. This firm truly protects what is most important – your freedom and your family.”
— Channa Borman
“I cannot express enough how much Lisa and her team has done for me. I don’t know much about the legal system and I am confident enough to say this group of attorneys know more than enough to help anyone through a difficult time.”
“Mr. Hall is the truth. His experience as a police officer and prosecuting attorney gives you a competitive edge in the courtroom. His experience got my case dismissed. Thank you Mr. Hall!”
— Anthony Harris
“The Kirsch Daskas Law Group was great! This was the first time my family retained Lisa and she went above and beyond to make sure all aspects of the case were handled in a timely and professional manner. She always kept us informed and answered every question within the same day. Her caring and compassionate personality and strong knowledge of the Michigan justice system were instrumental in easing our minds during a stressful time and ensuring we had realistic expectations of the case.”
— Beckie Cohen
“I had a consultation with Lisa and she made sure I got the most I could out of our hour meeting that she suggested breaking it down into 30 minute sessions so she could look over paperwork to give me even more advice, which was extremely helpful for what my family is going through!!”
— Melanie Bates
“My family has retained Lisa as counsel several times throughout the course of the past three years for various matters. Whatever the issue, you will find her to be sincere, hardworking and passionate about your right to quality representation. She is caring, empathetic, trustworthy, and always ALWAYS 100% honest with her clients. I would not hesitate to hire her again or recommend her to anyone seeking sound legal advice. You’ll get personalized, efficient, and professional service.”
— Trish Keranen
“I have retained Steve Reina in the past and would highly recommend him. He is professional and passionate about what he does. He truly cares for his clients and that goes a long way with me.”
— Laurie Stith
“I am so happy with Lisa and everyone else at the Kirsch Daskas Law Group. Lisa was extremely communicative and addressed all my concerns in a timely fashion. She kept me updated at all times and was a wonderful advocate for my family. Lisa went above and beyond to insure a favorable outcome. We are beyond grateful.”
— Leanne Weinerth
“The Kirsch Daskas Law Group experience was phenomenal. Their team was instrumental in regaining balance within our family due to the one-on-one care and attention to pertinent details. I experienced professionals who were knowledgeable and offered understandable explanations and a caring, invested lawyer-client relationship. This group certainly represents quality attorneys who advocate for their clients.”
— C FF
“I’ve retained attorney Steve Reina on several occasions, and he has always gone above and beyond my expectations. I have been very satisfied with his results in the courtroom .”
— Christopher Paul
“I have worked with Lisa Kirsch directly on various legal issues and cases; Lisa is especially crafty at strategizing difficult and challenging legal matters; she always stays familiar with current changes in the legal world and caselaw decisions giving her a tactical advantage. Not only does she have passion to represent and defend her own clients, she shares her vast knowledge with other attorneys who are zealously trying to protect their own clients.”
— Rhonda Ives
“Kirsch Daskas is an amazing firm comprised of caring professionals who truly care about clients. What I most admire about Lisa Satawa is that she has criss crossed the country to donate her time teaching other attorneys how to carefully and properly cross examine children.”
— Noelle Schiffer
“I refer clients all over the state of Michigan to Kirsch Daskas law group. Lisa is a national expert defending difficult allegations of abuse and criminal behavior. She tackles every case with the knowledge, experience and dedication of a highly skilled professional!”
— John Lewis
“Steve Reina is always there for us and puts 100% effort into everything he does! Thank you Steve.”
— Laura Schlott
“I usually do not write reviews, but I just had to tell the world about my experience. I was so overwhelmed when I first called the office. It seemed like I every lawyer office I was calling I was running into a brick wall. But APRIL (Client engagement specialist) had so much compassion and empathy and she listened to my situation for almost 30 minutes. By the time I got off the phone I felt so much better and had a better understanding about my situation. Although my situation worked itself out before I could actually hire them to represent me. April still helped me through one of the most stressful times in my life. If she was that nice, I know the lawyers have to be great. If I have another situation, I’ll definitely return. Thank You So Much April!”
— Resha Smith
“Steve Reina has been an absolute blessing to our family in our 1st civil matter . I highly recommend him to defend your case. He listened to our family’s needs and delivered the best outcome for us looking out for our best interest always . He will be representing us in our 2nd civil matter as well Jim Makowski defended us in a criminal case, listening to the facts of the case and focusing on the TRUTH as this case was a false accusation, based on hearsay. I highly recommend this law group. They have true professionals. I always felt listened to and updated on everything every step of the way . You will have a fierce attorney in Jim !”
— Alison Reedy
“Steve Reina was the best lawyer we could have picked for what was going on. He listened and understood what we were saying. He made our granddaughter feel so much better about herself. It was so wonderful how he treated us with respect and understanding. I would recommend him and this law firm to anyone who is looking for a wonderful caring law firm. Thank you so much for all you have done for our family. God bless you all.”
— Lea Fabian
“Lisa is an amazing attorney. She took us thru a very long trial and eventually reunited a father and his son after false child abuse allegations. She was able to educate a court system that did not have the proper knowledge on how to interview children in these type of cases.”
— Jennifer Gottschalk
“Amazing attorney and person!!!”
— Molly Blythe
“THE Rockstar of defense attorneys!”
— Tony Raffin
“Ms. Hannah Roberts is an amazing attorney. She knows the law. She helped me during the most difficult time in my life, my divorce. She listened to all my needs and was extremely supportive. She answered all of my questions in a very timely manner. She worked so hard to explain each step along the way. She was available and friendly. When my ex’s attorney told him some information, I asked Hannah, and she explained that information was incorrect and gave me the correct information. She goes the extra mile. If you need an attorney, please call Hannah.”
— Debbie Z.
“Excellent! They clearly communicate with you and care about getting you the justice you deserve!”
— FindLaw Reviewer