Child Molestation and CPS

Addressing Serious Child Molestation Charges

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In the case of child molestation and child-related sex crimes, the courts face more pressure to facilitate a conviction. Convictions are primarily based on allegations with little emphasis on proof or evidence. These allegations alone can damage the reputations, careers and lives of the accused.

Allegations of child sex crimes can be difficult and complicated to defend, which is why it’s imperative to work with an attorney experienced in this field. Despite specific protocol in the state of Michigan for cases involving children, child sex crime cases are often complex and involve the opinions and claims of numerous professionals. The attorneys at Kirsch Daskas Law Group are uniquely trained in linguistics, suggestibility of children, memory, interviewing, analyzing child’s statements, abusive injury and other characteristics only found in sexual assault cases. Whatever the situation, always exercise your right to remain silent until you’ve consulted your sex crimes lawyer first.

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Strong Defense Against Multiple Parties

Cases involving sex crimes against children often involve many agencies that will work against the accused client. It is vital to have experienced attorneys who will aggressively protect you against various parties such as the prosecutor, the police, the CPS investigator, social workers, guardian ad litem, and court-appointed psychological and medical professionals. Our attorneys consistently stand up for clients’ rights, making sure they have a strong advocate on their side.

Reports to children’s protective services many times come from people who encounter the child and immediately report misunderstandings or outright false allegations made by the child. CPS will investigate the situation, often without your knowledge. In such cases, the protective rights of the accused are often dismissed. Accused parties are often bullied into making incriminating statements, which are later used against them.

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Our practice has significant experience addressing allegations of sexual abuse of a child as well as dealing with CPS. Our goal is to protect your rights to the full extent of the law, prevent registry on the sex offender list and avoid serious criminal penalties. Immediately consulting with our Michigan attorneys will afford your case the best chances of success.

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