Molestation and Fondling

Defense From Molestation And Fondling Charges

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Inappropriate touching of genitalia, exposure or engaging in sexual acts with a minor are all considered child molestation. These are serious sexual criminal charges that can result in prison time, fines and registry on the sex offender list. Any time a minor is involved in a sex crime, potential penalties increase in severity. The severity of the charge will depend on several factors, including, but not limited to, the age of the child, the relationship between the accused and the child, whether penetration was involved, violence sued, or the situation. Kirsch Daskas Law Group can provide the experienced representation you need if you face child molestation charges. Our attorneys will believe your side of the story and strongly protect your interests in court. Our goal is to uphold your rights, and either have wrongful accusations dismissed or potential penalties lessened. Simply, we are here to determine the best possible outcome for your situation and vigorously defend you against these charges. A conviction can change your life forever. You could face societal scrutiny and struggle to secure housing or employment. Do not leave your future to chance. Call our accomplished criminal defense attorneys at our office to address your charges.

Formulating A Strong Defense

Our firm understands that children can be unreliable witnesses. Their testimony can be easily swayed, and they may not adequately remember the allegations surrounding your case. Although not deliberate, their inaccurate testimony could have serious implications on your freedom and future unless a strong criminal defense attorney can protect your future. Attorney Lisa Kirsch Satawa is well-versed in this field and often serves as a trial consultant in cases involving minors. She has spent hours researching, consulting, learning and training, from the leading experts regarding child witness testimony. This knowledge will serve you well if you have been accused of a crime by a minor. We work with psychologists, medical professionals and gather forensic evidence to create the best defense to achieve your individual goals. If you were wrongly convicted of molestation or another sex crime, Kirsch Daskas Law Group can help you file an appeal.

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Our Michigan defense lawyers will ensure that your rights are fully protected each step of your case. We will work closely with you and answer any questions that may arise along the way. When you partner with Kirsch Daskas Law Group, you secure a strong legal advocate to protect your future. If you face criminal charges, you should address them as soon as possible to provide your case with the best chances of success. Call our Bloomfield Hills office at our office to schedule a case consultation. You may also contact our accomplished legal team online.