Teacher, Coach, Doctor Sex Crimes Defense

Protecting Professionals Wrongly Accused Of Child Sex Crimes

Our attorneys specialize in sex crime defense involving teachers, coaches, and doctors. Trust our expertise.

Each year, Michigan residents face false accusations of sex crimes. Unfortunately, many of those who are wrongly accused are professionals who have dedicated their careers or free time to working with children and adults. A simple misunderstanding, or misrepresentation of facts, can quickly spiral into serious criminal charges. We have attorneys who understand the professional, criminal and individual consequences involved in these cases. Kirsch Daskas Law Group has over 25 years of criminal defense experience. Our attorneys have addressed many sexual assault cases involving a professional, teacher, coach or doctor and understand the many complicated factors involved in these cases. We can carefully evaluate your case and formulate a strong defense strategy to protect your reputation, record and future. Call Kirsch Daskas Law Group’s Bloomfield Hills office at our office to discuss your case. We firmly believe that you are innocent until proven guilty and will serve as your trusted legal advocates.

Protecting Your Future From Serious Repercussions

Anytime an adult is in an unsupervised environment with children, they incur a higher risk of false sex crime charges. We regularly defend teachers, coaches, doctors, nurses, day care providers and religious professionals who are wrongly charged with molesting or otherwise sexually violating a child. Children may not understand the repercussions of their stories and may accidentally misrepresent or fabricate events that unjustly represent your actions. Our aggressive trial attorneys will thoroughly investigate the facts behind your case to provide the thorough defense you need. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding your charges, we may involve forensic evidence, medical professionals, psychiatric professionals and others to support your claims. You do not have to face these charges alone. Our experienced team is here to help. Our goal is to protect your reputation, have unfounded charges dismissed, prevent severe penalties and registry on the sex offenders registry.

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If you face sex crime charges, call our experienced trial lawyers for assistance at our office. You may also contact us online. We can represent accused individuals facing misdemeanor and felony charges in state or federal court. We can also appeal your case if you were wrongly convicted of a sex crime.